Friday, August 18, 2006

Lioness Program Prowls the Iraqi Borders

The Lioness Program is a 30-day rotation that gives female Marines of various military occupational specialties (MOS) the chance to train and work with the infantry. The Marines that are selected for the program are trained in procedures including personnel search techniques. The Muslim culture is very strict about physical contact between men and women. The insurgents try to take advantage of this by using women to smuggle weapons and money. The Lioness Program aims to put a stop to that by having the female Marines search them. The Marines are also trained in how to shoot from supported firing positions for proper fields of fire if necessary. This is in keeping with the tradition that every Marine is a basic rifleman first.


At 17/12/07 17:25, Anonymous Cpl Hauk said...

My name is CPl Hauk, I'm a 6541 stationed out in Yuma, AZ. I am heading to Mirimar on Jnauary 3rd and then heading over on January 18th as part of this program. I am very excited and it's nice to hear about it.

At 7/12/08 06:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you Cpl Hauk. I am a former Marine and I have been following the Lioness program as a part of my PhD studies. I appauld your efforts and I am extremely proud of all of the women who are serving our country. Again, good luck to you in Iraq and stay focused. We are all looking forward to your safe return.

At 8/12/08 19:50, Blogger Natasha said...

Funny. I'm writing a paper on how the country limits females in ground combat and as I read this and the comment from Cpl Hauk I have another window open with her quoted on it.

Went from one desert to another.

I just signed with the Navy and I hope that I'll be able to do a program like this in the future. Good luck to ya'll and I hope to see ya there one day.

At 11/5/09 19:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am currently doing a paper on women in armed conflict concentrating mostly on he United States, and one of the main focal points of my paper is the Lioness Program. I applaud your efforts and am extremely greatful.

At 29/9/09 14:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im a senior going into the marines and i truly want to be on the front lines. obviously im not allowed. im going to be looking into this much more so i can hopefully get out there


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