Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Marine Captain Awarded Silver Star

On July 28th, Capt. Jason P. Schauble, 4th platoon commander, 2nd Force Recon, was awarded the Department of Defense's third highest award for valor for his actions while serving under I MEF during Operation Iraqi Freedom Jan. 3, 2005. Capt. Schauble entered a farmhouse to recover a fallen Marine and drew fire from multiple insurgents. He was seriously wounded but was able to kill two of the insurgents which allowed the rest of his Marines to move into position and engage the enemy.

Capt. Schauble was also awarded the Bronze Star with combat "V" for his his actions during Oct. 11 to Nov. 16, 2004 in the battles of Hit and Fallujah. He was responsible for coordinating all artillery fire, as well as sniper operations during the shaping operations in those cites. While directing his Marines he selflessly exposed himself to enemy machine gun fire. His direction enabled his Marines to successfully engage enemy targets. Additionally, Capt. Schauble and his team killed more than 50 insurgents during several long firefights. His team suffered at least 15 Marines wounded, but his leadership and bravery helped his team to keep their "superior fighting spirit".

A third award, the Meritorious Service Medal, was presented to Capt. Schauble for his knowledge and experience used in creating both the Foreign Military Training Unit and Marine Corps Special Forces Command.

OOH-RAH!! Semper Fi, Devil Dog!


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