Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Commandant Raises a Stink About the Ink

General James T. Conway has announced a new policy regarding tattoos on Marines. Large tats are now a no-no. For those Marines that already have large ink designs, they will be photographically documented and any new additions can bring disciplinary action. The Commandant says that large tattoo designs, especially the tattoo "sleeves" do not conform with the professional image that the Marine Corps wants to portray.

The Marines already ban tattoos on the hands, or any tattoos that are offensive such as those that are vulgar, racist, sexist, or gang-related.


At 17/9/07 16:51, Blogger Blake said...

Key = gang related. When I was in (93-97) there was a rumor that they were considering cracking down on tattoo's because of the growing number of latin gang's in the armed forces, looks like it's finally happened. I think this is completely ridiculous, how about doing more thorough background checks and interviews?


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