Monday, December 17, 2007

Remember Beirut

On October 23rd, 1983
my father was taken
from my sister and me.

Early one morning
while all the men slept,
a truck with explosives
and terrorists crept.

We don't remember
because we were too small,
we know nothing about him,
no, nothing at all.

We got all the help
from the United States Gov.
but nothing replaces
your own father's love.

He died for our freedom,
thats all that I know.
But one things for sure,
he died a Hero!

I love my Dad,
although a love unseen,
I'm proud to be the daughter
of a U.S. Marine!

Sometimes I wonder
and sometimes I cry,
then I am touched
by the words "Semper Fi"

by Sarah Wherland
posted with permission of the author


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