Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Get Ready for Action!

The Marine Corps has been authorized to involuntarily recall Marines that are in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) back to active duty. The recall is necessary due to a shortfall of volunteers for the war on terror. There is no limit to the number of Marines that may be recalled, but the current plan is to recall up to 2,500 Marines at a time.

The IRR consists mainly of Marines that served less than eight years of active duty. The initial contract when a person joins the Marine Corps obligates them for a total of eight years, with usually four or six of those being active duty. Once the active duty portion of the contract is fulfilled, the Marine has the choice of re-enlisting for active duty, transferring to the active reserves, or being transferred to the IRR. Once in the IRR, a Marine reports in one time per year, but can be involuntarily activated at any time.

The current shortfall of Marines is estimated at 1,200.


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