Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lightning II Will Strike Yuma and Miramar

The U.S. Marine Corps has picked their base in Yuma, AZ as the first home of the new F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. A squadron there will transition to the new aircraft in 2011. San Diego, California will house another squadron at Miramar.

The F-35 has multiple design versions to meet various military needs of the Marines, Navy, and Air Force. The Marine Corps version is a STOVL (short takeoff / vertical landing) stealth aircraft that is designed to replace the AV-8B Harrier and also the F/A-18D Hornet . It can takeoff in less than 500 feet. The F-35B is the first operational aircraft in the world that has STOVL capabilities and can fly at supersonic speeds.

The F-35 is in pre-production now and should be making its first flight this fall.


At 12/3/08 10:57, Blogger The Capitells' Old Homeplace said...

Can you tell me anything about the origin and ownership of the blue, round F-35 logo design on your blog? Do you know if it has been produced on a coin or other product? Thanks.

At 12/3/08 11:31, Blogger Lance Taylor said...

The logo was downloaded from:

I have seen it on patches. I do not know if it has been used on any other products.


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